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Our  workforce has a wealth of experience and range of skills enabling us to take on any garden project, however large or small.

We can provide you with everything from smaller projects (such as fencing) to a complete all-in-one service for a fully landscaped garden. Whatever the job, we always start with a free consultation and quotation.


We make use of a wide range of materials, shapes and colours in paths, patios and driveway construction – including Yorkstone, sandstone, brick and the full range of Marshalls products.


The planting plan brings life to the ground layout – consideration is given to the aspect, soil, drainage, colour, type, height and texture. Each plant must work singly and in combination with its neighbours.


This is often a preferred option for a patio area as well as a simple solution for accommodating level changes. We work with a wide variety of both softwood and hardwood.


We can use brick in a multitude of ways – as a curved or straight edge to a patio or path, for raised flower beds, in steps or simply to add colour and texture to enhance the look of your garden.

Water featuresWater Features

Water features can range from purely decorative sculpted stone bubble pools to fully planted ponds, attracting wildlife and providing endless interest for the garden and adding a new dimension of gentle sound.

Tree SurgeryTree Surgery

We provide a fully insured professional service from pruning and shaping to felling and removing the largest of trees.